Student Spotlight – Peggy Reed

Student Spotlight

The Student Spotlight is a regular feature here on the Catapult Academy blog. The students that are highlighted are nominated by teachers and staff in recognition of their achievement. They are our very own shining stars!

This week we interview Marion County Student, Peggy Reed.

Getting to Know . . . Peggy Reed

What grade are you in and when do you expect to graduate?
This year I am a senior and am expecting to graduate this year on June 8th.

Which Catapult Academy center do you attend?
I attend school at the Marion Oaks Center in Ocala, Florida.

Why is getting a high school diploma important to you?
I have a daughter, and having to drop out and then drop back in has been a lot. I want to teach my daughter to always follow your dreams; even when there are obstacles in your way.

What are your plans for the future after you receive your diploma?
After receiving my diploma I plan on going to nursing school. I would love to work with babies in the Neonatal Unit.

Tell us something interesting about yourself-what are your special interests, talents, or hobbies?
I love doing photography, and in general just providing and taking care of my daughter.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other students who dropped out of high school?
One piece of advice I would give to other peers would be to never give up, to always continue pursuing your goals and dreams to succeed. There are always people willing to help you along the way, don’t be afraid to ask.

What is the best part about attending Catapult Academy?
The best part of attending this school would have to be the teachers and staff. They’re always willing to help!

Is there a person at Catapult Academy who really helped you along on your journey? How have they helped you?
There has been more than one person who has helped me throughout this journey; those are Ms. Mooney, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Mrs. Shriver. In the beginning during my pregnancy, Mrs. Shriver and Mrs. Gonzalez really helped me stay focused and motivated. After having my daughter and coming back, both  of those teachers  as well as Ms. Mooney played a role. My teachers truly kept on pushing me and without them I don’t think I could’ve made it!