Student Spotlight – Ny’ Tia Bru’shac Inman

Getting to Know . . . Ny’ Tia Bru’shac Inman

Ny' Tia Bru'shac InmanWhat grade are you in and when do you expect to graduate?
I am in twelfth grade and will graduate in June 2016.

Which Catapult Academy campus do you attend?
I attend the Spring Hill campus in Spring Hill, Florida.

Why is getting a high school diploma important to you?
I want to make my mother proud and be the first of her children to walk across the graduation stage.

What are your plans for the future after you receive your diploma?
I plan to go into the Navy and get my degree to be a dental hygienist and R.N.

Tell us something interesting about yourself-what are your special interests, talents, or hobbies?
I enjoy playing sports and spending time with my family.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other students who dropped out of high school?
I would tell students, “Don’t give up. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.”

What is the best part about attending Catapult Academy?
The best part about Catapult Academy is being able to get help when needed. Attending Catapult Academy is probably the best decision I’ve made since I left my last school.

Is there a person at Catapult Academy who really helped you along on your journey? How have they helped you?
The person who has helped me the most is Mrs. Collum, a very helpful and inspiring woman who helped me by teaching me skills and concepts about my classes. I also thank Mr. Quatro. Even though he was tough on me, I know that he knew I could make it through to graduation.