Student Spotlight – Emily Delk

Getting to Know . . . Emily Delk

Emily Delk- PictureWhat grade are you in and when do you expect to graduate?
I am in the twelfth grade and expect to graduate in June 2016

Which Catapult Academy campus do you attend?
I attend the Deltona, Florida, campus.

Why is getting a high school diploma important to you?
Higher education opportunities and jobs require you to have a high school diploma.

What are your plans for the future after you receive your diploma?
I am moving to California and attending San Diego City College to become a veterinarian.

Tell us something interesting about yourself–what are your special interests, talents, or hobbies?
I understand medical practices on animals and have enjoyed doing them myself through FSA. Also, I love video games and I am an expert at Air Rifle.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other students who dropped out of high school?
Do not give up because a diploma can get you somewhere more in life. Find a program like Catapult Academy to help you.

What is the best part about attending Catapult Academy?
I like that everything is at your own pace.

Is there a person at Catapult Academy who really helped you along on your journey? How have they helped you?
Ms. McDowell helped me understand what credits I needed and helped me get the diploma option I needed.