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High School Done Differently

Traditional high school just may not be everybody’s “thing.” That is why Catapult Academy is as unique and individual as your student. You see, we are not a one size fits all type of education. We know that just may not work with your student’s personality, the way they learn, or commitments at home or work. So, we have created a blended learning model that is flexible and works with each student’s individual style, all tuition free!


Not everybody learns in the same way. Learning at Catapult Academy is done at your student’s pace. Daily class attendance is required in the morning or afternoon session. Classwork coordinates with online modules so additional progress can be made at home, by working afterhours, on weekends, or even during school breaks. If your student wants to move ahead, or needs to get back on track, they have the ability to do so at a pace that is comfortable for them. This flexible schedule is the secret to success, which allows the student to schedule other life commitments.


Another unique aspect of Catapult Academy is our learning environment. Designed for comfort and set up for success! Our environment offers freedom to move about between classrooms, independent study areas, one-on-one learning support, computer labs, or lounge areas. Free from the social pressures and distractions of traditional high schools.


Our teachers know where your student has been, the struggles they have endured, and the challenges they have faced. This dedicated team of licensed educators offers more attention, additional support, and one-on-one counseling to create a unique success plan and help each student see it through, every step of the way.

College & Career advisors are available to help identify talents and find opportunities in the workforce, to include any certifications needed for particular jobs. Applications, financial aid, and scholarship guidance & support is available to students wishing to advance to college or university. Success coaches and other staff are here to help guide your student on to a successful career path through career exploration exams, college & training program partnerships, seminars, resume writing, interview techniques, and more.

Do It For You

Earn more, do more! A high school diploma opens doors to brighter career opportunities, higher wages, and the college of your dreams!

What to Expect

You’ve earned it! Using all the credits you earned, and where your current education level is, we will create a graduation plan just for you!

Diploma vs. GED

Ticket to ride! There are many benefits of having a high school diploma versus a GED, they include higher wages and college opportunities!

“I couldn’t be more thankful, because not only am I getting my diploma, but with the proper support and guidance, I also received a full scholarship to college. I am excited to start this new part and chapter of my life.”
Catapult Academy
“Some people have never gotten the chance to get a good education or they’ve just given up, but my classmates and I stayed strong. We are looking forward to a bright future.”
Catapult Academy

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