Muscogee County Graduate Success Stories

We are excited to announce the great success our students are already accomplishing. Jonathan Lee and Teresa Cook are already taking their futures into their own hands. 

Jonathan Lee, a 20-year-old Muscogee County graduate, pulled himself out of a rough patch. Lee attended a traditional high school until 11th grade, dropped out, and then he got in trouble with the law.

After spending a year in juvenile detention, Lee realized he needed to steer himself back on the right track. It was then he started his journey to success with Catapult Academy. Lee came to school everyday and completed both morning and afternoon sessions in order to finish his requirements to graduate. After he found out he was graduating, he knew he could really turn his life around.

Just one week after graduation, Lee and Ladarius Hill, another Muscogee graduate, visited Mando America for a job interview. Mando America manufactures breaks and break parts for companies like Kia, Hyundai, and GMC. “I hope my third chance could be just as successful as my second chance at Catapult Academy,” says Lee. “It’s a start and I’m going to cherish it.”

Teresa Cook, a 17-year-old Muscogee County graduate working two jobs, promised herself, her son, and her mother that she would do something “big.”As she walked across the stage and received her high school diploma, she knew they would both be proud of how far she’s come.

After graduation, Cook told reporters she dreamed of going to college so she could eventually open up her own daycare. All thanks to a generous woman, Cook is able to act more seriously on her future.

Although these two hadn’t met before the interview, their bond was immediate. As Cook and the anonymous woman held hands, she told Cook that people were out there to help her. “I just want to see you walk across that stage one more time,” says the woman. “Just four more years.” With a smile and a lot of gratitude, Cook accepted the woman’s donation so she can better her future.

Jimmy King, Catapult Academy’s Program Director, says he’s extremely proud of his students. “This is the stuff we talk about all the time,” King says. “You just have to count your blessings and do what you’re supposed to do.” King believes these students will find success in school and on the job. “Man, I’m glowing with pride.”

UPDATE: Ladarius Hill received a full-time job offer with Mando America!

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