At first glance, a GED might seem like the quicker and easier way to finish high school. You may have passed the GED test, but you do not hold a full high school diploma. The benefits of having a high school diploma far outweigh the quick path of a GED.


Having a high school diploma will make you eligible to earn, on average, $800 a month more than students who get a GED. Employers value high school diplomas over GED’s.


High school graduates have a higher success rate in college. On average, 77% of GED students do not progress past the first semester, and less than 5% of students with a GED receive a bachelor’s degree. Completing a high school education prepares students for the rigors of college. If you plan to join the military, you will have a much harder time getting accepted with a GED (if at all). The military accepts only a very small percentage of GED holders, which makes it extremely difficult to gain entry.


College admissions staff and future employers see the value in a rigorous full time education versus a day-long equivalency exam when choosing candidates. Research shows that GED students are deficient in non-cognitive skills such as persistence, motivation, and reliability. All skills needed to succeed in college and a working environment.

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