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Catapult Academy Mission: We are committed to providing outstanding education solutions that drive higher academic achievement and better life outcomes for at-risk students, regardless of academic or learning challenges.

What is Catapult Academy?

Catapult Academy is a high school for students who have dropped out or struggled in traditional high schools. Here, they can earn their high school diploma in a blended learning environment – tuition free!

How much will it cost?

Nothing. Catapult Academy is a tuition free high school. We partner with your local school district so there is no cost to you.

Is there an age limit?

Yes – Catapult Academies accept students ages 16–21.

Is Catapult Academy an online school?

No. Students are required to attend the morning or afternoon session of classes, typically 5 hours. However, each class has an online module you can log on and use at home so you can review a section, or get ahead. Catapult Academy offers a self-paced education and will help you reach your graduation goals.

How many high school credits do I need to attend Catapult Academy?

There is no minimum or limit to the number of credits from your previous high school. Our goal is to help you achieve your high school certification so we take the high school credits you already achieved and put them toward the total needed to graduate.

Is there a Catapult Academy near me?

Chances are–yes. In Florida, we have schools in Ocala, Jacksonville, Belleview, Tampa, Brandon, Spring Hill, Deltona, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, Belle Glade and Orange Park. In Georgia, we have schools in Albany and Columbus. We are expanding our locations, so check back frequently. You may check out our locations page for addresses and phone numbers.

What are the school hours?

: Catapult Academy offers flexible schedules so you can go to school AND take care of your job and family responsibilities. You will have the choice of a five-hour morning session, or a five-hour afternoon session–whichever fits best with your responsibilities. Your classwork coordinates with online modules so you can make additional progress at home.

What if I am at a different level than my high school peers?

No worries. After meeting with your guidance team, your level will be assessed and you will be placed with other students who share similar learning paths. However, you will work at your own pace and receive individualized support to reach your graduation goals. Our blended learning environment allows you to decide what to work on, how long to work on it, and at what pace works best for your abilities and needs.

How does Catapult Academy differ from traditional high schools?

Catapult Academy offers a safe and inviting non-traditional learning environment. You choose either the morning session or afternoon session to fulfill your classroom time. Your courses coordinate with an online learning module so you can complete assignments from home at your convenience. Your studies are self-paced. Class sizes are smaller and 1:1 tutoring is available.

Are the classes taught by licensed teachers?

Catapult Academy is a fully accredited school, working with your local school district. All teachers are licensed and certified. One-on-one counselors are available to help you create a unique success plan to help you meet your graduation goals. Our team is rounded out with College and Career Advisors to help  you focus and prepare for life after high school.

When do I receive my high school diploma?

Upon completion of required credits and when you pass the FCAT exam [for Florida students], you will receive a high school diploma from your school district.

Does Catapult Academy follow the same standards and calendars as my school?

Yes. Catapult Academy uses the same books as the high schools in your district, follows the same calendar, and uses the same disciplinary rules and code of conduct. Catapult Academy upholds the scholastic requirements of the county to include credit requirements, and if you live in FL, passing the FCAT exam in order to graduate. Catapult Academy provides a rigorous academic program that allows students to feel confident when facing the challenges of higher education and/or workplace challenges.

How does Catapult Academy prepare me for college or work?

When you start at Catapult Academy you will meet with the center director, a mentor, and a guidance counselor where you will discuss your goals, and together create a “Plan for Success.” This plan is reviewed at regular intervals to help you keep on track for your college and career goals. College and Career Advisors are available to help identify talents and find opportunities in the workforce, to include any certifications needed for particular jobs. Applications, financial aid and scholarship guidance is available to students wishing to advance to college. Success coaches and other staff are available to guide you toward a successful career path with career exploration exams, college and training program partnerships, seminars, resume writing, interview techniques, and more.

How do I get started at Catapult Academy?

Find a center that is closest to you and stop by between 9:00am – 5:00pm. If available, bring the following documentation: a picture ID, copy of your birth certificate, proof of residency (water bill, lease, etc.), official transcripts from previous high school if you have them, and withdrawal form from previous high school. Our recruitment team will greet you and get you started on your path to achieving your high school diploma!

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