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Graduate More Students In Your District with Catapult Academy

1.2 million students, including about 50% of all African American and Hispanic students, drop out of high school annually. Their prospects are bleak; low wages or joblessness, homelessness, incarceration, and lifelong dependency on social services are typical. Often dropouts are unable to continue their education, let alone contribute to and participate in the education of their children.

Catapult Academy serves students who have struggled to complete high school but who are committed to earning their diploma. We provide free high school diploma programs that operate as an extension of your school district in local student-friendly settings. Catapult Academy re-engages students and provides the rigor and relevance they need to meet the challenges of higher education and today’s workplace, along with the relationships with caring adults and fellow students that are vital for at-risk youth to overcome obstacles and finish school.

When your school district partners with Catapult Academy—and when students enroll—everyone wins:  our schools, our young people, and future generations.

Flexibility For Students

  • Five-hour morning or afternoon sessions for students with job or family responsibilities
  • Blended instruction with onsite teachers that focus on math, reading and writing skills
  • Online personalized learning with a quality digital curriculum

The Support and Life Skills At-Risk Students Need

  • Students meet with a counselor to review the program, agree to a Success Plan, reviewed at regular intervals, and take online assessments for appropriate placement in online and small group instruction
  • Onsite counselors who provide one-to-one mentoring and close supervision to keep students on track
  • Coaching for life skills, résumé writing, interview skills, college and career readiness and help applying to colleges
  • Community outreach to establish job opportunities for graduates

A Seamless, Turnkey Program

  • Catapult Academy identifies a centrally located facility, creates a student-friendly environment, and hires teachers, counselors, and a local school management team
  • Engaging online curriculum, based on time-tested pedagogical principals, is ready to go on day one
  • Customization is available to develop centers that fit your needs, equipped with all the resources necessary to provide online learning, direct instruction, and one-on-one mentoring

No Cost to Students or Risk to Districts

  • Our partnerships provide licensed teachers, experienced administrators, on-the-ground student advocates, 24-7 tutors, a College and Career Ready curriculum, full documentation, and all technological support
  • Catapult Academy assumes the student recruitment responsibility in addition to the transfer of transcripts and all other student related concerns
  • A free high school diploma program with no tuition cost to students, no start-up costs to school districts

Students in your district can finish high school, get a diploma, and launch their future.

For more information about how our Dropout Prevention and Recovery Program can service your school district, contact us at [email protected]

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