It’s Back to School Time

Back to School

Back to School - Catapult AcademyCatapult Academy’s Fall Semester begins in August. With renovated and refreshed student centers, additional onsite teachers, and new event and incentive programs, we are excited to welcome you back to Catapult Academy for the 2014-15 school year!

Start dates for Catapult Academy student centers can be found below. 

If you are an enrolled student and have any questions before school begins, please call your county’s main office to speak with the enrollment coordinator and schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor.

If you haven’t yet enrolled in Catapult Academy, it’s not too late! Call your county’s main office today to speak with an enrollment coordinator and start the enrollment process.

Georgia locations:

Dougherty County – August 12

Thomasville County – August 4 

Florida locations:

Duval County – August 18

Marion County – August 18

Hillsborough County –  Date Will Be Published Soon