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All students deserve a chance to earn their high school diploma.

Catapult Academy is a safe, supportive high school environment where students at any level of learning can earn their high school diploma. We provide the support, tools, and life skills young people need to stay on track to graduation and beyond. One factor which promotes success is class schedule flexibility. You can choose a morning or afternoon session to accommodate your schedule. Working at your own pace also promotes success. Classwork is coordinated with online modules so you can make additional progress at home.

Our Goal: is the success of every student.

Our Mission: We are committed to providing outstanding education solutions that drive higher academic achievement and better life outcomes for at-risk students, regardless of academic or learning challenges.

Why Choose Catapult Academy?

There are many alternatives to traditional high school. But only Catapult Academy’s Dropout Prevention and Recovery Model combines all of the factors known to best help struggling students succeed in the real world. Our Dropout Prevention and Recovery Program includes:

  • Tuition free for all students ages 16-21
  • Receive your high school diploma – not a GED certificate
  • Student-friendly blended learning environments
  • Flexible scheduling with self-paced, accelerated programs
  • personalized instruction with small groups
  • Morning or afternoon class times
  • Catapult Academy is fully accredited with certified teachers
  • On-site counselors provide one-on-one mentoring
  • Industry certification assistance
  • College and career advisement
  • Support services with Success Coaches

What Our Students Say 

14502704_1130134743732008_3479532083537286079_n“I started coming to Catapult Academy because I wasn’t allowed to go back to a regular high school due to my age. Catapult Academy gave me a chance to get my full high school diploma instead of my GED. Without Catapult Academy, I probably would have went on with my life without a high school diploma.”          —Felicia, Busch student

“I am a student at Catapult Academy and I am so close to receiving my diploma. I left my regular high school the day I had my son and I didn’t want to go back afterwards. With Catapult’s flexible schedule, I am able to go to school for five hours (morning or afternoon) and then care for my son for the rest of the day. Because I am able to work at my own pace, complete work during and outside of school, I am graduating at the top of my class.”          —Darline, E. Hillsborough student

“At Catapult Academy, I’ve grown fond of the schedule, working at my own pace, and the ability to juggle classes. Here at Catapult, I enjoy being able to focus on my classes, receive help when needed and work hard from 7:00am – 12:00pm.”          —Roberto, Dale Mabry student

Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning is the parent company of Catapult Academy. Catapult Learning is the leader in K-12 educational services in the United States, and has been in existence since 1975. Catapult Learning has dedicated the past four decades to improving academic achievement for all students through its research-based programs. Our team of 5,600+ certified educators work tirelessly making connections with your student in order to create sustained academic growth.

Catapult Learning partners with 18 of the 20 largest Title I districts in the United States, helping over 300,000 students reach their fullest academic potential. We believe that all students can earn a high school diploma and we are dedicated and committed to improving graduation rates. Our Dropout Recovery Program incorporates best practices and implements proven strategies to help your student succeed.


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